Accessing Mailbox

After posting a few ads, people will take notice and eventually someone will send you a message.

When you have a new message there will be a number next to Inbox, which indicates how many unread messages you have.


When you click the Inbox link you will be taken to your mailbox, which will by default list snippets of your received messages. Unread messages will stand out with a light blue background and read messages have a plain white background.


To access your recieved messages you can click the inbox icon icon.

Clicking on a recieved message will allow you to view its entire contents.You can also reply to the message using the reply reply icon icon.

You can delete the message using the delete delete icon icon. You will be prompted for confirmation before the message is deleted.


To access your sent messages you can click the sent messages outbox icon icon.


Clicking on a sent message displays what you last wrote to that member. You can also delete the message using the icon.