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Here are some questions we get asked frequently, and our responses to them. If your question isn't answered here you can contact us and send us your question; we'll be more than happy to answer it.

What makes Hermitt different?

Hermitt is a web app, which acts like a native app. When you access Hermitt through a web browser on any device, you will have access to all the same features. This new type of app makes it freely available to all devices that have web browsers; and you never need to download or update it.

Trinidad & Tobago's Boroughs and Towns

When posting ads you have the option of selecting your Borough and Town, to help others find your items. Hermitt has every Borough and almost every Town in Trinidad & Tobago, we update the list frequently so that in time we will have every area in our database.

Hermitt optionally asks for your Trinidad & Tobago postal code. While postal codes are currently in the work by TTPost; Hermitt is already prepared to handle them.

Uploading on Trinidad's mobile networks

When posting an ad you have the ability to upload images. If you are using a device with a camera, you can take a picture with the camera and upload it along with your ad. Even in areas where network connections might be weak, Hermitt has several features that make uploading images possible.

How does it work?

Hermitt was built to address several problems that exist with most websites in Trinidad & Tobago.

Faster Browsing

Most individuals in Trinidad & Tobago connect to the internet wirelessly, using their smart phones. At times, network service can be flaky. Hermitt uses several techniques to help pages load faster on devices; most of this is done by storing a part of Hermitt locally on your device and only connecting to Hermitt to retrieve information when it needs it.

Hermitt compresses information before it's sent to devices and it only loads necessary page resources.

Intuitive Interface

It's difficult to fit a lot of information into a small screen. Hermitt's interface has been rewritten many times to find an optimal balance between good design and presenting information. All navigation items are easily accessible, important pages are easy to find and filtering searches is made simple.

Latest Technology

Hermitt is always changing, every week Hermitt is updated to reflect current trends in web app development. This is important because members will have access to the latest features.

Your security and privacy is our number one priority. Members have control over what information they want shared in their profile or in their listed ads. Hermitt encrypts data as it's sent from our server to your browser. We do regular reviews of our logs to detect any suspicious activities.

Whenever we make an update, we let you know. We also list the changes, so you can benefit from all our updates.

How much does it cost?

Posting ads on Hermitt will always be free. We believe everyone has the right to access a quality service and not be burdened with a cost.

Who built Hermitt?

We all did :)