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Protecting yourself online is built on the idea of keeping our members safe. When you sign up for an account we take precautions in making sure your account and personal information is secure.

How we do it

To post ads or contact users you must first sign up for an account. Signing up for an account will also give you access to other features that will make your experience more enjoyable.

When posting an ad you decide if your address is shown. When contacting the owner of an item using our messaging feature only your username and email address will be known to them. When they respond only their username and email address will be available to you.

What you do

When you share information with others on the site, try not to give out too much personal information. When you come to an agreement over an item, consider where you would like to meet the other person. Exchange phone numbers, choose a public space in broad daylight and consider taking a friend along for a ride.

If the item exchanged costs a lot, maybe meet near a bank or a police station and make your transaction there, rather than walking with all your hard earned money.

When you post an ad you have the option to display the address from where the ad is being sold. This is mainly useful for business. If you choose not to display your address, then only the Borough and Town you selected will be listed.

Some technical stuff

For safety purposes, IP (internet protocol) addresses are logged and stored whenever a member logs in or sends a message. This creates a paper trail in the event ever needs to supply information to law enforcement officials. Hermitt does not share any sort of user information, other than what is outlined in our terms & conditions

If you need us

If you'd like to learn more about Hermitt you can contact us or you can send us an email at