Group marketing coordinator: csf couriers

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Job Scope: The position requires the Individual to promote and market the services of the Companies by developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns using visual aids and graphic designs; drafting emails and marketing correspondence as it relates to updates of the business services; market research and tracking sales data; maintaining and designing promotional materials; planning and attending client meetings; maintaining databases and social networking; budgets and reports to management.


• Undergraduate degree or equivalent qualifications In Marketing with capabilities for Market Research, Brand Management, Advertising, Promotions, & Public Relations
• 2 years job experience in Marketing Role
• Marketing research, analyzing and reporting skills
• Event Coordination & project management skills,
• Understanding the Customer, Process Improvement, Initiative, Planning, Financial Skills
• Correspondent and promotional writing skills for drafting emails
• Technical skills – ability to use support applications for promotions and advertising emails
• Knowledge of Graphic Design and artwork software example using Adobe Photoshop
• Ability to apply marketing methods and theories to promote services of the company. Idea generation and campaigning skills to promote the company and seasonal events
• Creative, Innovative and outgoing personality
• Customer Service Oriented, Quality Interpersonal skills, and Professional

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March 10th


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CSF Couriers